QUIVERVISION  is a program which turn pictures on paper into 3D version. They can need a android device to change them into life from. IN CLASSROOM, teachers can teach the vocabulary in 3D visions which will make the lesson more interesting!!! BEFORE                             […]

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ClassBadges is a free online tool where teachers can award badges to students for accomplishments or academic mastery. It can encourage students for lesson and profit would be huge!     Backchannel Chat is designed for educational discussions, it provides all the tools an educator could need to facilitate online discussions. Easily control and moderate […]

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With designmatic,you can create creative logos that you prepared by changing and customing them color,shape etc. Also you can sell them if you want !!! For teachers, they can exchance their cards with their own legos in seminers. You have to pay some attention while creating legos;   Discovery Education’s Puzzlemaker provides teachers, students, and […]

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Semester-2 Week-7

PosterMyWall allows you to create posters and collages from your photos We provide background art and easy to use tools to make professional looking posters fast and easy. IN CLASSROM, as a teaacher ,you can motivate and encourage studensts with celtificates as a award. You can use them as a speaking materials or discussion. You […]

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What’s in it for teachers?  They can create practice tests to support daily classes or assess learners at the end of a semester with secure online exams. Advanced test reports help teachers to identify knowledge gaps and understand how to improve the learning experience of their students. Here is my quiz for you.Have fun! Quizalize […]

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